I have already completed a lot of the items on the CJRLC Challenge list, so I have decided to create additional challenges for myself so that I continue to learn and keep pace with new sites and tools as they become available.

My challenge for this week was to set up an account at SplashCast and create a little slide and video show to embed in my new challenge blog. It took me longer than I expected and it is far from perfect, but I have to get ready speak at Rutgers tonight to a group of library school students so this is it for now.

We just got back from skiing. Here is a short SplashCast that shows Alex learning to ski.

[splashcast QUDS6662BC]

I also use ClipShack to host videos. I can’t embed the player here, but follow this link as it is a better demo of Alex going down the hill:

Alex skis some more!